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What to consider in SEO Tool?

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Searching on google, and various forums, i found out that there are several seo tools.
The most mentioned are:

Google keyword planner
Google analytics
Google search console
Google Adwords keyword planner
Google Trends
Tiny Ranker
and much more.
What exactly do I need to consider in an seo tool especially those that have premium plans?
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Hard to tell cause I don't know whether you wanna check #traffic, #backlinks or do keywords research!

I would go with Google Free Tools it's all you need and much more!
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Same here, I always go for free tools like what Google has to offer.
I only use paid tools if necessary, but if I can find free tools that I can use for website analysis then that will do.
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use semrush and ahref which are the best paid tools you can use for your websites
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All the tools are free SEO tool. You may use them for a long time for your website as these are the best tools.
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Just make sure the tools don't deal on sites that are too too of low quality. for example, the back-linking tools where you get to submit your link to numerous sites installed in the backlinks software, same goes for article and directory submission tools too.
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I suggest you the following tools

SEO Site Checkup
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there is a many tools in it what u like.
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When choosing your SEO tool choose your priority right whether you want organic data or display advertising details of your competitors.

Ahrefs- better for organic data
semrush - better for ad tracking
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i use google adwords and ahrefs for keywords finding and backlinks data. ahrefs is one of the best tools available on the internet.

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