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What to sell on ebay

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Many people claim to make a lot of money selling stuff on eBay but they don't really say what should I sell on eBay to make money? Could someone help me with this million dollar question?
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Try "ebay hot items" and "Popular Products on eBay"
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I new selling on ebay for 2 months last. I had sold product 12 and get funds $200. It easy sell on ebay. You must have paypal account. You can sell everythink on ebay. I am try sell software with MRR. Software I bought from other site cheapest.
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It's maybe easy to sell a few items that take up space in your house but it's extremely difficult to make a living from eBay the competition is just too high!
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Ebay has only junk products you can but for very small amount of money outside Ebay marketplace

Google this topic

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