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What type of seo should be done?

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should we do separate type of seo techniques based on the website? then what kind of seo should be done for my client training institute website
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You can't do same #SEO for both of them case when doing content submitting it has to be relevant to the link you have in it!
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organic or called white seo is effective and safe.
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(08-31-2016 11:57 AM)mary klipyard Wrote:  should we do separate type of seo techniques based on the website? then what kind of seo should be done for my client training institute web...

For certain sites, you can't do same SEO but most of the techniques will remain same, let me try to give certain scenarios which can be helpful for you.

Let's suppose my site is: Watch Online Videos, your website is: Online training and 3rd person has download music n wallpaper

Every site is different, so I required to categories offpage techniques for each site.

Classified submission is not going beneficial for "Download music n Wallpaper" but can be very beneficial for "online training" site

In a same way Social Sharing can be done for each sites, as social sharing has all kind audience to target

So before starting we create different strategies to follow
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You should use White hat & Organic SEO techniques. White hat SEO utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don't run afoul of search engine guidelines. Follow these steps to improve your website ranking and search traffic.

1. Audit Your Website.
2. Make Your website Responsive and Mobile-Friendly.
3. Search Keyword which is more relevant to your business.
4. Start Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords.
5. Find out the competitors keywords.
6. Publish Relevant and quality Content.
7. Update Your Content Regularly.
8. Make Social Media profile and targeted your audience locally or globally.
9. Build Backlinks By Commenting, Guest Posting, quality infographics Etc.
10. Deep Linking to your website internal Pages.
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We should done a white hat SEO for our business
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white SEO for sure

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