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What will I do to decrease the page loading time of a website??

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What will I do to decrease the page loading time of a website??
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First of all start by hosting your website on reliable and fast web-hosting. For a shared hosting 7 seconds load time is considered normal!

Here are the basic factors:

Optimize any images you might have and get rid of background image simply use color!
Optimize JavaScript and CSS
Fix as much HTML W3C errors as you can.
Use Leverage browser caching
If you have any JavaScript then use asynchronous type and position non essential ones at the and of the page like Analytics tracking code for instance.

Basically use this online Website Performance Analyzer Tool. Simply input the URL and then the report will tell you what should be fixed!

In mean time use Google Insights to learn what Google recommend you should fix:
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Reduce the unnecessary images from site. Images generally takes more time to load than text. Using this technique you will decrease the load time of website.
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google insights will give your your java and image files compressed as zip file. very nice and easy....you just need to upload the data and thats it.

If it does not trick the job you should go for another webhost.
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To delete unused files like empties the spam folder, trash, post revisions, things you probably don't need. Social sharing plugin, Reduce the size of individual pages, reduce of videos, shortcodes, large images and other things cause slow load times. Make landing page redirects cacheable, Use a CDN, A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users.Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom.

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