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Where can I buy quality Backlinks?

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maria Offline referral

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Can anybody tell me where can I buy some high PR and dofollow backlinks from high authority websites in my niche which is seo and internet marketing?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Any SEO service will be able to generate as many backlinks to your website as you wish it all comes down to how much are you willing to spend. To get backlinks try DMOZ they don't cheap though.

I would rather spend that money on content writers and improve my website on-page SEO then links will naturally occur as people will share, reference and link back to it.
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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How about manually working on websites with good pr associated to your niche? For me its much effective and helpful.
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I am agree with Erin that manually work on website with good pr associated websites can improve your website visibility.
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You must not be concentrating on purchasing back-links for your web page. You should make top quality back-links for your web page through white-hat SEO methods
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I suggest you to create the good and high PR back-links on your own instead of purchasing it from the third party.

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