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Where should I advertise my classified ads website?

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I have a classifieds web-site and I would like to advertise it to get some traffic to it where should I start?
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You need to get targeted traffic and for that is best to advertise on relevant sites like on other classified ad web-sites.

Try Google Adwords PPC (pay-per-click) that has great targeting system.
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Adding your website in Social Bookmarking sites helps a lot in getting quality backlink for your site.
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When it comes to adverting relevancy doesn't really matter so you can use SEM (search engine marketing like Google, Bing) or SMM (social media marketing Facebook, Twitter etc.)
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For now you should start out with Google Adwords, and you should focus on onpage SEO and getting backlinks to your site to boost you up in the rankings.
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you should focus on onpage SEO and getting backlinks to your site to boost you up in the rankings.
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Give advertisement about your website in your local area first and then target remote areas. In your local area you are known very well and get benefits to boost your business about the advertisement. You can also place PPC on it from google or other advertising agencies. Send mail to different brand about placing their ads on your website and get paid through this.
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There are some paid services like PPC, guest blogging and many other which are so useful in advertising our website.

Google this topic

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