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Where to start a developer job: a big company or a small company

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I am confused that where to start my developer career with a small company or a big company.
Victor Dub Offline referral

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You should take online or offline website development course with some professionals doesn't matter small or huge company as it all comes down to the ration between quality of the knowledge and the cost.
williamhills Offline referral

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Well, I will suggest starting with a small Company first where you could spend more time to learn basic things and practice the same. You will get a chance to work on different phases of the project and learn things slowly as it should be. Once you have enough experience and confidence in your domain, you are free to try for big Companies too. Your experience and past projects will help you in getting selected by top Companies quickly that could be tough at the beginner level. Also, experienced professionals working with big web development Companies usually get higher salary packages as compared to smaller ones.
aptiguide Offline referral

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quality matters when you go for big company big or small package as per discussion in interview and small company offers you stipend
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I think You can start your career with small company because you can learn lot in small company comparison to large companies.
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we should take online or offline website development course with some professionals
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Developer job is always good whether it is big company or small company.
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The drawbacks of working in a tech startup, and any startup, are generally related to short term risks. Pay isn't generally as good early on, benefits are limited until there are more employees, and the work life balance can be tenuous. ... It's not just a job for those who work at startups; it's a mission.
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Don't you think that the thread is posted in the wrong category?
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Start your career in a start-up company where you can learn something new every day, because when you work in big company then it is not a possible one to learn anything other than the work allocated by the company. To develop yourself you must gain more knowledge about the things which you can suceed.

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