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Which Affiliate Program will be the best?

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ethany Offline referral

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Currently i do not earn anything from the site even after the site has around 3,500 UV per month. What would be the best affiliate program to run on my website?
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That depends on your niche man!

Say for instance your blog is based around health niche, then I would suggest you to lookout for networks out there that specialize in the health niche.
talhayousuf Offline referral

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Amazon is the best for this
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what niche you understand then write the reviews, guides, share experience about that niche. After that you can start with Amazon (selling physical products) or Clickbank (digital products), because they supports many niches .
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Rakuten Affiliate Network
Ebay Partner Network

Here are some options that you might take into consideration but please make sure that it is connected to your niche.
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i think Amazon is best for this strategy ,
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Hi I am new to this forum, but I have been an affiliate manager for a while. I think the best programs are ones that include benefits, incentives and support for their affiliates and not just a sales robot. I feel that there should be a relationship with the affiliate and merchant to ensure that both parties are working well and working sucessfully together!
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Everything depends on the topic of your website. You should chose the most relevant programms for you.. You can not sell some sports products if your blog is about same computer games.

Google this topic

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