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Which Off-page Activity helps to generate more leads

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Hello Everyone,
I want to know is you have any idea which off-page activity helps to generate more leads. I use only one platform to generate more leads and i feeling very thankful that platform provide me services according to me. I used Classified platform that help me too boost my business i will mention some good platform below
1. Digisok
2. Hoobly
3. Olx
If You have any more platform like this please rply me.......
drnagwaniseo Offline referral

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1. Social Media Engagement
2. Social Bookmarking Sites
3. Forum Submission
4. Blog Directory Submission
5. Article Submission
6. Question and Answer
7. Video Submission
8. Image Submission
stellabrown Offline referral

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Personally for more Email Marketing has always produced leads, don't know about off page activities for lead
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Business listing
Article submission
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classified ads only gives leads
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yes classified only gives leads
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SEO Off page Activity

Article submission
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video sharing
PPT sharing
Blog commenting
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Content marketing is one of the best method to generate leads but also reputations as well.
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Honestly for me the most effective is content marketing. Try to create quality content within your niche find influencers and build relation with them on social channel and request them to share your content. Most cost effective method to generate hot lead. Cheers
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Off-Page SEO techniques
- Blogging
- Social media sharing
- Video marketing
- Image sharing
- Classified ads
- Social bookmarking
- Guest posting
- Directory submission
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Content Marketing is best off-page SEO methods to increase your business leads.
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Post Ads can generate leads for you for me!! the guest post generates a large number of quality leads.
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Off- Page optimization means does not control the web site by your page coding. The main use of off page optimization builds back links to our website.
The Best SEO Backlinks Techniques are:
1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Forum
4. Article Sharing
5. Question & Answer
6. Guest Blogging
7. Document Sharing
8. Blog Commenting
9. Competitor’s Backlink
10. Business Reviews
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I think social bookmarking submission is generated more lead in off page activity, but we don't forget all the activity off page SEO.

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