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Which activities to rank better?

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Which activities to rank better?
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Getting relevant backlinks and social signals will make your site rank on first page for sure!
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Some sites will get you a really good Alexa ranking for small fees.
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SEO Off page Activity are the Best way Promote the Business.

Article submission
Blog Submission
Bookmarking submission
Web 2.0 Submission
Guest Posting
Yahoo Answering
Images Posting
Video Posting
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You should try to focus on content submission. You can do different activities like forum posting, social bookmarking, article submission etc for increasing rank.
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i think web 2.0, press releases and guest blogging is potential now a days.
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Forum Posting
Business listing
Classified Ads
Social Bookmarking
Image Sharing
Web2.0 Profile Creation are the best way to promote your website.
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Forum Posting, bookmarking, blog commenting and web 2.0 submission are some useful SEO techniques that can work.
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Forum participation is a good way to earn a better ranking, but you need to be careful since forum sites are strict.
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Post unique content and keyword, backlinks with high PR sites, social signals, Forum signature, Article submission, Press release, Directory submission are some activities to rank better and getting more traffic.
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Good and unique content, quality backlinks, well-structured On-page plan. All of these will get your site rank better!
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Thing is pretty much clear you have put to unique and informative content on your website, and after fully onpage optimization, you need to analyse which techniques you can follow to improve your ranking.
Most commonly used techniques are:

Article submission(100% unique content required)
Blog submission(must be informative for user to get it index faster)
Forum posting(same niche forum backlinks will be more valuable)
Social Updates(people are mad for social networking sites and one can get huge traffic from it)
Social Bookmarking(easiest technique to follow and you can create good number of backlinks on daily basis.)
Image sharing/info graphic sharing(can bring good traffic with no anchor backlinks).

Web 2.0 is a property not technique, it's a mix of blog sites, press release etc.
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Create quallity backlinks to our site it will be betterand some activities are to rank better in search engines is:
* Press Release
* Article Submission
* Blog Posting
* Profile Creation
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To rank it better you just followed blog post, web 2.0, bookmarking and profile creation site, this activities help you out.
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Here is some effective off page strategy list:
1.Blog submission
2,Press release
3.Social bookmarking submission
4.Local listing
5.Article submissiom
6.PPT & PDF submission
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guest blogging is a really helpful activity to rank out your keyword.
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Guest posting on non moderated site is bad for #SEO case the content is bad and probably the site itself is marked as spam or low quality.
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For ranking better you have to both SEO On page techniques as well as SEO Off page techniques like Web 2.0, Forum discussion and image sharing.
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a better activity which can help in ranking better on search engines.

Focus on content optimization
Create backlinks in high DA sites with dofollow links:
-Press release submission
-Infographic submission
-Forum Postings
-Directories submissions etc.
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schema markup and content in On Page social bookmarking and article submission in Off Page

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