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Which are the best off-Page techniques

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drarindamghosh Offline referral

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Best SEO Off page Activity

Article submission
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video sharing
PPT sharing
Blog submission
PDF submission
marrysmith Offline referral

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There are many Off page activities like

Social Bookmarking,
Directory Submission,
Business listing,
Profile creation,
Article submission,
Classified submission,
Web 2.0,
Forum Posting,
Blog posting,
Blog commenting,
Document sharing,
Content marketing
canarahydraulics Offline referral

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Off Page Techniques:

2)Social Bookmarking
3)Directory Submision
5)Blog Comment
6)Bloger creation
7)Document sharing
9)Business Listing
10)Article submision
davidsmith0143 Offline referral

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In 2018 because of a major update in google search engine lot of SEO off page techniques we followed are going to be scrapped. In this update google has focused on the quality instead of the quantity of the backlinks.
Therefore i prefer this offpage activities for backlinks creation.:
1) Article posting
2) Blog posting
3) Forum / Blog commenting
4) Guest Posting
5) Video Submission.
priyanga Offline referral

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blog commenting
social bookmarking
profile creation
web 2.0
stellabrown Offline referral

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I think i will vote for :-
Guest posting
Blog commenting

Because these two always work for me.
infosteve Offline referral

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These are some of the best off page activities : -
Guest posting
Article/Blog posting
Directory submissions
Blog commenting
riyaz1539 Offline referral

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i prefer to do forum posting, blog commenting and social bookmarking
islf Offline referral

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Off Page SEO Strategies.

Search Engine Submission
Blogger Creation
Blog Commenting
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking
Profile Creation
Forum (Q & A)
Directory Submission
Web 2.0
Doc Sharing
Image Sharing
Video Sharing
Social Media
Guest Posting
arihantwebtech Offline referral

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Blog posting is the most necessary activities we can use in SEO. And you use new activities like Logo Submission where you can build dofollow profile of your business.
moazzem28 Offline referral

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Guest post, guestographics, resource page link building, broken link building etc are very powerful link building strategy 2018.
amitkhare Offline referral

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(04-10-2018 11:54 AM)sankalppatil Wrote:  I will suggest Directory submmision,social bookmarking and Forum submmision,which is the best and most important off page techniques.and it ...

Yes, I have also used above techniques but i want to add one more point i.e article submission .this also the best technique of off page SEO.
bradvictor1 Offline referral

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I think Social bookmarking, profile creation, business listing and blogs or articles. Except this you also can do Image submission and video posting which is very effective for you.
dljetarora Offline referral

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All are best things but if done in limit and under google guidelnes
power Offline referral

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Off page SEO is a set of techniques you can use to increase your website's ranking position in search engines.
1. Social Networking Sites
2. Blogging
3. Forum Marketing
4. Photo Sharing
5. Video Marketing
6. Local Listings
7. PDF Sharing
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Directory submission, Classified submission, Bookmarking submission, Article submission, Images sharing, Blog submission etc are known as Best SEO Techniques.
johnket Offline referral


Some important link building techniques are:
1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Classified Ads
4. Local business listing
5. Forum posting
6. PPT Submissions
7. QNA(question and answer)
8. Web2.0
9. Blog writing and submission
weddingsbyneerajkamra Offline referral

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For me best techniques are Guest post submission and article submission.
KinjalMehta Offline referral

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Guest post and article submission are the best techniques. Forum posting and content sharing on some good sites are also worthy.
shrithika Offline referral

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Social Bookmarking
Forum Commenting
Blog Commenting
Directory submission
Business Listing
Question & Answer
Guest Posting
PPT Sharing
PDF submission

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