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Which are the important factors that affect ranking?

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Hlo Friends,
Can anyone tell me, What are the important factors that affect ranking?
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On-Page: Make website SEO friendly and implement some On-Page SEO factors and make your website best for Visitors Experience as well better search Engines crawling and Indexing.

Here is the list of some important SEO On-Page factors

Unique and High-quality content with 2 to 5 percent of Keywords density.
Website Structure and Links navigation should be the hierarchical form like the tree.
Web Page URL’s should be clean, relevant to the web page and readable for users and Search Engines.
Meta tags and Header tag should be proper.
Website mobile friendly and fast loading.

Off-Page SEO: All the Off-Page SEO factors are helpful for building Backlinks and driving traffic to the website.

List of Off-Page SEO Factors for traffic driving to the website:

Guest Blogging
Question and Answers
Social Media posting
Article and Blog Submission
Blog Commenting
Business Listing
Forum Posting
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You can have a really crappy site BUT if you generate a ton of quality links to it it will be pushed to the top no doubt so back-linking is the #1 no matter what Google says.
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1. Content creation and Promotion:

Guest Blogging, Article and Blog Submissions, SlidShare, PDF sharing and Press Release and blog Commenting, these are the way to get back links, Content promotion is the strongest factor in SEO for backlinks as well driving traffic. Read here how to increase your website visibility and traffic by Blogging. (Note: Only target niche, High DA websites and Build Do-Follow backlinks)

2. Forum Posting:

This one is the best factors of Off-Page SEO for building back links, improving keyword position and driving traffic to your website. Make sure that forum website has high DA and giving you Do-Follow link signature.

3. Question and Answers:

This is an amazing thing for building back links, User engagements and fastest traffic driving on the website.

4. Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is the good way to submit your web page on other website and get back links.
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Thanks dear @SophyMalkani for this detailed information.

(05-19-2017 10:53 AM)SophyMalkani Wrote:  On-Page: Make website SEO friendly and implement some On-Page SEO factors and make your website best for Visitors Experience as well better ...
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Weak On-page Optimization and Low-Quality Backlinks. These are the two things that affect ranking. Make your On-page Optimization strong and create backlinks using the forum and blog comments technique and you will get the rankings.
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In Digitla Marketing Most improtant factors for search engine ranks.
1) On page optimization
2) Off page optimization
3) Content optimization
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The on page factors are very important to boost the ranking. Quality Content, Keyword optimization, title tag, alt tag, meta tags are some on page factors that should be properly described.

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