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Which is best for your Website ranking on page SEO or of page SEO?

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Here i wanna ask something for all guys please let me know in details which way is better for ranking your website instantly Which ways are On page seo and Off page seo, please let me know which is the best why and why ??
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Both on-page and off-page seo are important for your website

On-page ranking factors are the aspects of a given web page that influence ... Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content.

Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs).
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Nawaz, There are many factors in on-page and many activities in off-page, Every online marketing expert will guide or suggest only when he or she able to analyse website because thing depend upon web layout, do share your website first.
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There is no such way to rank website instantly and On-Page and Off-Page both matters.
On-Page is 70% Important and Off-Page is 30%. But it doesn't mean you should avoid the Off-Page.
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On page and Off page both techniques are importnat to rank a website. Because if you have well optimized content or website then your rank will improve at search engine and if you have quality backlinks then it helps to increase your authority. Both are useful and you should do both.
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Let me tell both on page and off page SEO is important for website to rank good on SERP.
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Both on-page and off-page techniques are play an important factor for achieve high ranking.
On-page techniques used to optimaizes webpages. It contains both content and HTML source code of a page that optimaizes by search engines.
Off-page techniques used to get high position in search engine result page and to get more traffic.
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Website having Strong On-page SEO with high quality content can rank without off-page.
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On page SEO or Off page SEO both are important.

On page SEO - On page SEO is best way to optimize different parts of your website that affect your search engine rankings.
For example -
Meta title
Meta description
URL Structure
ALT text for Images
Internal Linking

Off page SEO - Off page is most important thing to increase the backlinks and increase traffic. Off-page SEO focuses on increasing the authority of your domain through the act of getting links from other websites.
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both are important for any website :

On page seo is helps to make your website more search engine friendly and user friendly.

Off Page Seo is helps to improve your website traffic and keyword ranking on different SERP results.
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(10-05-2017 02:24 PM)nawazishali Wrote:  Here i wanna ask something for all guys please let me know in details which way is better for ranking your website instantly Which ways are ...
Both onpage and offpage optimization are equally important. There is no such thing on which is the best because onpage and offpage makes SEO as a whole.
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both are very important. It is the process of SEO, though you can optimize your website by using content marketing and create such a great and unique contents, but there's a bit of factor that you need to do more effort in link building to post those unique contents. On-page and off-page are very important factors and equally important in SEO because they have different process for optimizing the website.
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Both are very important. For example you can optimize new site. First of all you can complete on-page optimization. After completion of on-page then proceed to off-page techniques. With out on-page optimization website promotion is not correct.
On-Page Optimization:
On-Page optimization means controlling the website by your page coding.

On-page optimization techniques are:

1. Website structure
2. Meta tags
3. HTML tags
4. Alt tags
5. Xml and html site maps
6. Robots.txt
7. Site loading speed
8. Web site URL structure
9. Site UI desig
10. Google analytics and webmasters

Off-Page Optimization:

Off- Page optimization means does not control the web site by your page coding. The main use of off page optimization builds back links to our website.

Off-page optimization techniques are:

1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Classified Ads
4. Local business listing
5. Forum posting
6. PPT Submissions
7. QNA(question and answer)
8. Web2.0
9. Blog writing and submission
10. Infographic
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(10-05-2017 02:24 PM)nawazishali Wrote:  Here i wanna ask something for all guys please let me know in details which way is better for ranking your website instantly Which ways are ...

Links and backlinks is your answer for you. Let try to focus on content and build backlinks

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