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Which is better for making money online WordPress or Blogger?

The_Solver Offline referral

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I am a bit torn at the moment - i think that i will do both WP for my niche blogging and blogger for commercial project.
jouan Offline referral

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WordPress is better.
LaurenA Offline referral

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I will go for wordpress, but let me give you a hint that this blog site is harder to use compared to blogger.
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(01-09-2015 05:17 PM)destroyer Wrote:  People looking to start a blog are presented with 2 choices Blogger and WordPress blog! Now since they are both free that means the only thing you need to start making money is to post some decent high quality content right?

My take? Actually it doesn't matter that much. But I'd go for Blogger if I were you. Coz the thing about making money is how you market it. How you execute strategies for people to notice your product/service. Platforms become irrelevant if you cannot target the right audience.
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Hello Dear,

- Making money online for Blogging site.
- Wordpress & Blogger Both are Excellent website for Blogging.
- Post some unique content for your blogging site and earn money.
- Advertising threw earn money.

vwebdevelopment Offline referral

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According to blogger is good for making money.
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Blogger is preferable if you want to use Adsense in future, WordPress is better for customization. As for me, I chose Drupal for blogging, I just like this CMS more.
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Utilizing WordPress, you can move your site anyplace you need. You can move your WordPress site to another host, change area name, or even move your site to other substance administration frameworks. Likewise in the event that you think about WordPress versus Blogger SEO, at that point WordPress offers much more SEO favorable circumstances.

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