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Which is more Better an App or a Mobile Website?

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The decision to whether build a native app or a mobile website entirely depends on your end goals. If you want to develop an interactive game, then developing an app is probably the best option. But, if your goal is to reach out to a wider audience with mobile-friendly content, then building a website is the solution. In case, you decide to have both a mobile website as well as a mobile app, then it's quite rare that you might get the app without already having a mobile website in place.
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Yeah first thing is first and that means you need to have a responsive or mobile friendly site then comes an APP.
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(12-25-2015 11:57 AM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  Yeah first thing is first and that means you need to have a responsive or mobile friendly site then comes an APP.

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Apps is the best when comparing with the mobile websites.
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Mobie apps are better choice. Reason is simple. The whole world is using mobile for general purpose computing and say if there is ecommerce store, the best option for it is an app. Of course the website will also full fill the purpose but it will not be able to use the native features of a device.
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Mobile-friendly or responsive website is more than enough than going for mobile App...Openwave Computing, one of the leading web development provider , The website we develop includes: 1. Great Design, 2. Good navigation and usability, 3. Quick loading, 4. User Friendly Interface, 5. SEO Friendly, 6. Mobile Responsive.
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There's a high competition in between the two, you just need to be creative enough. With a lot of apps that is available nowadays you need to be creative enough. While for a website you need to ensure that you will produce quality content. A responsive design as what they said is highly advisable. But the decision is still yours as to whether you will invest on mobile app or a website.

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