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Which is the best sell phone currently on the market?

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hellboy Offline referral

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Sony xperia z2 and Samsung galaxy s5. Are they the best phones right now available on the market?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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These are the best cellphones so far:

Sony Xperia Z2
Samsung Galaxy S5
HTC One M8
Apple iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Motorola Moto X
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
Nokia Lumia 1020
Google Nexus 5
contrast Offline referral

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yes, they are the king of the market
ssgsunny Offline referral

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Currently using samsung galaxy s4 and i think its best.
dodgersbenny Offline referral

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Iphone 6 is best phone in market.
Allianceit Offline referral

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vivo V5 is best.
digitalexpert Offline referral

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Apple 7
Samsung S8
Google Pixel
Moto G Series
Samsung On Nxt
wilsonlisa597 Offline referral

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Samsung galaxy s5 is the best.
NadiaQuadri1 Offline referral

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iPhone 6s is the best as I am using this for 6 months & it is just amazing.
SophyMalkani Offline referral

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Apple iPhone 7 is best phone.
adclassified Offline referral

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apple iphone x, iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus are best phones
Devhitech Offline referral

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Loving my Galaxy Note 7

And Some others are:-

OnePlus 5
LG V30
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Pixel 2
Michael Korver Offline referral

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Samsung Galaxy 8 Edge, for sure!
adibitar69 Offline referral

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Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 is quite simply, the best phone on the market.
oxizonefitness Offline referral


iphone 6 is the best phone in the market
sankalppatil Offline referral

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Apple iphone X
Samsung galaxy s9
Google pixel 2XL
Samsung galaxy note 8
Apple iPhone 8 X
One plus 5tT
davidsmith0143 Offline referral

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I would say One plus 5T is one of the best Smartphones in the market because of course it has every functionality one would like to be in his phone but the most basic reason is its battery life and charging time it takes. All in all Its sure does leave other phones in dust about its charging time it takes. Its proved in a particular video in YouTube.

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