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Which is the best sell phone currently on the market?

hellboy Offline referral

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Sony xperia z2 and Samsung galaxy s5. Are they the best phones right now available on the market?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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These are the best cellphones so far:

Sony Xperia Z2
Samsung Galaxy S5
HTC One M8
Apple iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Motorola Moto X
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
Nokia Lumia 1020
Google Nexus 5
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contrast Offline referral

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yes, they are the king of the market
ssgsunny Offline referral

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Currently using samsung galaxy s4 and i think its best.
dodgersbenny Offline referral

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Iphone 6 is best phone in market.
Allianceit Offline referral

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vivo V5 is best.
digitalexpert Offline referral

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Apple 7
Samsung S8
Google Pixel
Moto G Series
Samsung On Nxt

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