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Which is the popular tool to track your website visitors?

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Heatmaps help you visualize where visitors click and in which sections of the page they lose interest. VWO's dynamic heatmaps help you browse pages on your website while focusing on how visitors interact with these pages.
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Google Provides the best tool to track users on your website,

Google provides two variant one is free, and another is paid.

1. Google Analytics (Free)

2. Google 360 (Paid)
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There are many SEO tactics you can perform on each of your website pages to increase their rank in search engines and get more visitors. This includes producing high-quality content that your audience is searching for, and writing concise meta descriptions for your pages. The meta description appears below your URL in search results. Knowing what a page is about and what will result in a click makes users much more likely to do so.

So, you’ve built a web site for your business and you’re up and running. But, do you know what’s actually happening on your site? Do you know which pages people are visiting most, and which pages are most likely to encourage a purchase? What are your best traffic sources?

Trying to sift through all of the data that your site is generating can be a frustrating and confusing process. Thankfully, there are a number of great tools (both free and paid) that can help you get a better understanding of what your users are doing on your site and even how your competitors are faring in their own online efforts.
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Google analytics, from Google is the mostly used tool to track visitors to a website. In the updated version Google analytics provide more accurate and detailed data which can be helpful to understand the users. SEMrush is also a powerful tool to understand the users and tracking.

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