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Which tool do you use to analyze the present trending topics in Google?

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Hlo Friends,
Which tool do you use to analyze the present trending topics in Google?
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i am following google trends in google only https://trends.google.com/trends/
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I think google has it's own tool but there is a chance it is paid. I have never used it.
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Yes, trends.google.com is the best tool to know the google trending topics.
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I don't follow google trends, you can install various apps. Well, Google Trend is one of the easy tools, but it depends on your choice. Google Trends has many things but not everything. In my opinion, first, choose what you like and then install any apps or bookmark the website that you like to visit. That's it!
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I am not using any trends, Is it beneficial, How ??
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I prefer google trends to search the recent and searchable topics
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Its simply the Google trends and much better to ask on how the members will use this important information for their campaign.
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Yes, Google trends is the best tool for analyze the present trending topics..

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