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Which type of adwords ad is good for classified site

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raman Offline referral

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Hello Friends,

We are planning for adwords for our classified site. Will you suggest which type of ad will be benefit for us Display ads or Text Ads and why?
dina44 Offline referral

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I would suggest a combination of both, Text ads are adequate but sometimes people won't notice those ads, thus limiting it's chance to be clicked. Having a full image display ad is also not recommended because people now tend to get discouraged when they see huge ads blinking or taking their attention instead of what they really looking for. A mix of both would be advisable because it's not too flashy, nor too little. And the placing of ads is also has an important role mind you.
bangwinni Away referral

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Both are good but to many times display ads attract more internet user genuinely, I think for classified display ads can do wonder if you use eye catchy images or even video ads and video marketing can be more beneficial options for you.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Text-ads wrapped around with text or placed near to some HTML buttons or links have high CTR.
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I would suggest you to go with Native and display ad
davidweb09 Offline referral

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text ads can be good for your website traffic, because they are directly shows in search results.
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According to my suggestion Display network for classified is good as it will help you to showcase your products more prominently and would cost cheaper than search ads. Also, the display offers more optimization options to get better ROI. Hope it helps. Nowadays there are so many classified websites available on the Internet like Goodcorner. You can search and go through the details. Thanks.
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Always go for text ads as it comes under budget and can be used for getting the website traffic directly from the search results.
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Go to Google and see ads that are already there in the top place. It will give you ideas on how you can place a perfect ad for your classified site

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