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White hat cloaking

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What is white hat cloaking...is it good or bad our website?
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cloaking is not even whitehat.
AradyaS17193 Offline referral

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Cloaking is Blackhat technique in which different content is shown to the Search Engine than what is presented to users.
Saravanan28 Offline referral

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Cloaking means presenting a different set of pages to visitors and a different set of pages to search-engine Bot. Cloaking is the Black Hat technique.
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What you mean with white hat cloaking? Can we have an example? Maybe is something new that nobody know Smile
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Cloaking technology is considered as a violation of Google
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Any time you're intentionally trying to hide something from the user, it's probably a Black Hat tactic. Cloaking refers to presenting the Search Engines with a set of content that is drastically different than what the user sees.

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