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Why Alexa ranking is decreasing continuously

logicspice Offline referral

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From last 3-4 months my website's Alexa ranking is continuously decreasing. i have checked the google console but there is no error in website. Anyone who have ideas that how can i increase my website can share their ideas and techniques.
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Alexa ranking is based on website's traffic so if you loose traffic you loose ranking.
daikaads Offline referral

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First of all, What is the use of Alexa ranking? Is it has any benefits to increase your ranking position in Search Engines? If it is not why most of them are worried about Alexa rankings. Better focus on Google rankings of your money site.
Rakesh-Kadu Offline referral

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That's a good sign. It should have to decrease. Lower Alexa rank indicates that your site is performing well in search engines & you are maintaining a good quality of website.
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Alexa rank doesn't matter, what matter is your site traffic and how much leads your getting!! Stop following Alexa work on other things like SEO, Content Sharing & PPC etc.

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