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Why I was banned from www.reddit.com?

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destroyer Offline referral

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Senior Member
I started sharing my links to http://www.reddit.com but not that I try to visit my profile and my shared links it says not found from a little research I have found out that hat means I was banned but why?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
Well for spamming most likely! They allow you to share URLs but you have to comply with their terms of use and policy!
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stephenjoseph Offline referral

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There are many reasons for being banned - one reason may be for trying post continuously without giving too much of time gap between the posts.
saranyasb Offline referral

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You might be put any spammy content or link

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Erin Nagata Offline referral

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One reason would be is that your break some rules in the community. Have you checked out the faqs?

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