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Why SEO is not seen as a respectable job?

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Hello there,

I have seen many times that when I tell people that I'm an seo they start making faces as like I'm a spammer who irritates people on the Internet. While people who are in the website development industry are getting higher pay and more respect. I want to know the reason WHY?
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Well SEO is the soul of every website I mean on it rests the feature of online business and whether the site will be profitable make money and rank high on Google or it will join the majority of failed online businesses!

SEO specially in the early stages is very important as that is the time when Google will decide if the site is a quality one or not!

It has to be approached with knowledge to make it work fast and cheap!
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Hi there, Your work can not need to be judged by third person, you do the judgement of your work.
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Why do you despair as you do white hat seo and help online people to get good and relevant information through internet . You are actually helping online users, search engines, and information. For business point of view seo is a reputed job. It includes ppc, webmaster tools, and performance of a website. Think positive.
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mostly people set in mind only types of work only done in IT field design and development. but he forget success only depend on seo field without seo any website nothing.

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