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Why We Need SEO ? If my site is already optimize by Development team or company.

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Hii all I just want to know is there any need of seo or seo company to optimize my website according to google. If my website is already optimized by development team or company.

thank you in advanced please help
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You can stop worry about SEO once your website hits top Google rankings until then you have to work on it every day!

Now if your ON-PAGE SEO is done properly then you don't have to worry about it only about OFF-PAGE!

How do you know that the company you paid to do SEO for you did a good job? When I pay someone I at least know what to expect and check every time to make sure it's done!
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Nice post.
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SEO is really work for growing the business online.
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I think SEO expert will give you absolute solution.
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Hi there, everyone have well optimized site but in how google will know which one is best to get that SEO is needed.
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If the page rank of your website was pretty good then you don't need to do SEO, but if you want to increase more traffic then you would need to have SEO. It is important since you want to ensure that your website will appear on search engine sites, but it always depend on you if you are already satisfied with your current rank athen you don't have to. All you need to do is to always make sure that the on-page is always updated.
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To see why SEO is so powerful. To spotlight the role it can play in marketing and communicating.Than they are as follows:-
1. Seo is not a cost but an Investment
2. Seo turns the spotlight on your sales
3. Seo is a crucial part of your marketing mix
4. Seo is never too costly.
5. Seo impacts the Research/Buying cycle
6. Seo can multiply your impact.

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