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Why forum posting is better than other off page seo ?

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We all know how important "off-page optimization" is, and the fact that is important makes it very hard to do. Off-page optimization is composed of many different ways you can get those backlinks and generally spread out the word about your site. One of those optimization ways is forum posting so I am wondering is forum posting really better than other off page seo?
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Yes it is! However forum posting is only good as long as you're really contributing to that forum and not just use it for spamming your link all over it! Try to help others with your posts and they will love you for it then add a signature to let the people know that have a website where they will find a useful information!
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You right about that Dude if you show others that you are a professional and serous person people will trust you and will more likely click on your links! It sound good except the fact that it takes a lot of knowledge but I am only begging tasting all this SEO, webmaster stuff so I can't do that.
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Yes, i too believe that forum posting is better than all other off-seo techniques, If you write something useful for the people they will like it and it will reach many other users, your content, website and signature will reach others very easy.
Thank you.
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You don't have to be some kind of SEO expert to contribute to any forum you just have to make sure you are an active member that posts reasonable information!

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