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Why is SEO so important?

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Hlo Friends,
Why is seo so important?
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Seo is so important in search engine
it is an only freeway promote your website or blog
through organic traffic
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seo is important for those who are looking for traffic and generating calls
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Search engine optimization is so called SEO. a very important term in online marketing.
just think when in offline market customer looks for a shop or brand to buy or purchase his or her desire products. But when it comes online, consumers do look for product not for shop. so, if they find you by searching their desired product or service, there is 70% assurance of convert them into sales.
This the fact of online or web marketing. so the basic concept is
"A business should be found by searching what it is providing to the market, product or service".
To be found on search, a business need to be optimized for the search engine with keywords that related to the business.
Before explore on it let me emphasis on a common fact that.
did you ever been explore on the 2nd page of search engine result page? 99% will say no and the 1% who did for web research purpose if they might have.
This is because search engine gives us the most relevant result on the first page that we want. So how does it come?
Here comes the word SEO, Search engine optimization, .
So, by optimizing on SERP you will be visible to users and make them to land on your website for your specific Keywords or searching keywords.
Otherwise a bunch of good content won’t be worth if you do not optimize your website to be found on search.
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SEO hep to increase website traffic & ranking in google, bing & yahoo.
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SEO is paramount to any online strategy, if you're operating a website in 2018, then the chances are that so many other people will be trying to accomplish similar things. SEO is a great way to get your website seen and heard in a sea of competitors, by targeting high search volume keywords, which will drive traffic and therefore conversions to your website.

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