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Why is it important to use Google Analytics?

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Why is it important to use Google Analytics?
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It helps you track where your visitors come from, the time they spend on your website, your most visited page and the keywords they use to come to your site and so on. In short, it is your backend to track user's behavior.
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To monitor your Traffic and their source you can check by Analytics and also you can create goals for conversation tracking and focus on improvement with analytics for your website
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Google analytics main aim is track record of website like how many visitors visit from the site by using which keyword, which landing page and also identify what type of users visits from the site link age group, gender etc and also identify which country of user visit from the site like USA, Canada, India etc.
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analytics will tell you loading time, no of users and organic result
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Google analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. In google Analytics you can analyze your over all website visitors, page views, sessions, organic search, direct search, social search, referral search and so on.

By using Google Analytics you can improve your business traffic and more.
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Google Analytics is one of the best tool by Google that helps to track website traffic. Google Analytics is important to make a report of your website daily traffic activities.
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Google analytics provides information about how users find and use your website. It helps users to analyze website traffic.
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Google analytics is one of the best and a free tool that help us to analyze the website traffic and their sources. How much visitors are coming on website and what is the actual source. How much time they spent on website and how they engage with website content. what is the bounce rate of the website etc. Google analytics provides all these details..
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(05-19-2018 08:59 AM)Skymedia Wrote:  Why is it important to use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps to understand user behavior in your website. One can get detailed information of user like city, country from where user is visiting, which is the landing page, which is exit page and time spend by user in your website.

This information helps to further optimize your website and increase your website traffic.
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Some of the benefits of using Google analytics tool:

A Completely free tool with more functions compared to other paid tools.
To find what are the keywords your visitors type in to find your website.
To find how many visitors come to your website on a daily basis.
To check bounce rate.

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