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Why is my website Alexa Ranking Day By Day Loss In India?

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I am working on shoopperclue is a e-commerce base site this website presently rank is 31,560 (India) and 26,52,71(global). but last month i have archived Alexa ranking below 15k in India. How to stable or improved Alexa rank?
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Alexa provide estimated traffic data so I would not really worry about worry about Google Analytics. But to increase Alexa rank all you need is to get more traffic to your site.

This value doesn't play any role is #SEO.
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I think you are getting a less traffic so why your rank is dropped. Your organic search traffic is diverted to some other websites specially like big ecommerce site. Now this days If we search for a any product then google show a sponsored offers from their advertisers so why anyone will even look at other listening? They will click on advertisements and you will lose lot of traffic.

They monitor everything and use every type of online tool to beat you so you should monitor your keywords which get good traffic from search engines and always improve keyword,etc.

Be active in Indian forums, blogs and run promotional offers, contest. If you also active in international forum then it will be very helpful for SEO.
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In my experience there is no value for alexa rank unless may be you are using premium subscription (I never tried it) . I have never seen any relationship with traffic and ranking there.

Worry about Google. Leave everything else for now. Once you start to beat Google, other things will automatically come in your way.

Meanwhile is it shopperclue or shoopperclue?

I would never purchase these domain names if I were you.
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There will always be some changes on the ranking, competitors exist that's the reason why you need to ensure that you will create an update from time to.

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