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Why is the Title so important in SEO?

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Why is the Title so important in seo?
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The title tag is more like the name of the website for Googlebot and network users. One of the most important problems is that the keyword must be in the title tag. This helps Google Bot understand what keywords you are SEO in the page and help customers understand the fastest information. Furthermore, title tags are one of the key factors in creating a better user experience and search engine optimization.
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Title is important in SEO because it tells the search engines what is the overall topic or main subject on a page. Title also helps users find the right web document they are searching for.

In SEO rankings, Title is an important factor because it helps search engines identify the best pages to displayed on SERP with respect to the users query.
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Google reads the title to index its serps accordingly, so it is a good idea to put target keyword in the title
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Title is most important for each web page because there is search engine result page get on title so we should Create unique title of each page.

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