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Why keywords are so much important in SEO?

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Why keywords are so much important in seo? Can i write freely and still think of getting traffic? Although presently I am running a coupon blog, but looking to start my personal blog, but wondering whether it will be success or not?
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Keywords are what Google uses to figure out what the content on the site is about and then associate that content for same search query.

If some one is searching for "how to make money" your content or website needs to have at least "money" in the content if not Google will not use it!

To put it simple if you wanna rank for some keywords make sure they are in the content!
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Keywords are the only thing which people used to place in search engine boxes when they want to know about that particular topic. On the basis of that keyword, search engines like Google shows their search results so that users can get information.

If you will not target any beneficial keyword then you wouldn't be able to rank in search engines. You cannot drive organic traffic to your website. You cannot drive sales from search engines to your website.

Every keyword has their own importance, has their own monthly searches. Targeting keyword with having high monthly searches can drive you high traffic from saerch engines.

In short, keywords are most important to drive traffic to your website. I hope you understand what I explained here. Big Grin
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you can make combination of some low bid and high bid keyword and if possible use long tail keyword for get constant traffic from the google.
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There are numerous components which affect your ranking, however a standout amongst the most critical elements for positioning in Google is your target keyword.
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Keyword is the query which is driving traffic to specific URL and search engine auto detects the keywords and rank website on top automatically. So, using keywords in the website content to get top ranks in the SERP.
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How many times have you got such advice when you have started out to learn about SEO? Keywords are the first thing that you should know & learn about when start to optimize your blog SEO.
Use the proper keyword & you will get more search engine traffic.
Optimize your website and blog keyword & it would help you rank faster.
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keywords are the short term of a web profile. The role of keywords was once very central to the function of search engines. Search engines could crawl sites and, if the keywords were accurate, serve those sites up as search results.
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Keyword are easy to search by User , and its important for search engine
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We have the option to define our target keywords that are known as Meta keywords. The Search engine has become smarter to auto-detect keywords & rank your pages automatically.
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keywords are helpful for following things such as

details about your website, services and solutions

website traffic

generating business leads.
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User whenever user tries to type anything to search for answers, user types in the form of keywords. This is why Keywords plays an important role in SEO. Keywords also describes your website is about what.

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