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Why my Website Pages Not Yet Indexed

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Half of my product pages were indexed and half doesn't. I can't figure out the exact reason? Need some suggestions?

Some of my un-indexed pages
Why my Website Pages Not Yet Indexed

I shared this pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Pinging..etc for indexing - No Follow tags not specified and I checked with robots file too. I don't find any way to take this problem out.
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To be sure that Google didn't index your website content try copying some content from that page and then use:
site:yoursite.com "content from the page"
Is you get no results then it means that Google ain't indexing it!

Make sure you are not using any iframe, JavaScript or jQuery for content generation as Google is not at this stage able to index such content.
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Try adding canonical URL to your header HTML source code!
<link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com" />

The URL in the link above has to be the same as the web page URL the link is in.

I have tried the solution posted by Marcus and the URL shows in SERP.
Quote:site:yoursite.com "content from the page"

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