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Will foreign web host effect SEO?

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I am in the USA but considering starting a Wordpress blog site using a web host in Iceland. This is because I will be posting controversial content that could possibly be censored by the USA authorities one day and Iceland has a reputation for protecting free speech. My question is, will this have any effect on seo? My target readership will be primarily US residents.

Another consideration is the domain extension. Will it make any difference regarding seo, if I use a .com domain or an .is (Iceland) domain? I am told by the web hosting company in Iceland that it is easier for the US authorities to block .com domains but if the .is domain is going to negatively effect my SE rankings, making the site more difficult to find, then maybe it's best to go with a .com address. Or perhaps I could use both a .com and a .is domain with the same name.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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