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Wordpress Website Easy Speed Up Tricks

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Today we are going to boost the wordpress websites through plugins. 1st of all you need a good web hosting or server who response quickly when a user request to load pages of your website.
So now install wp super cache plugin which you can get it from wordpress. or simply website dashboard under plugins then add plugins menu. After installing and activating you need to do some settings of this plugin like activating minify html, css and javascripts. Activating cdn cloudflare which play very important role in website speed boosting.
Now install W3 Total cache which is very important and also perform like wp super cache. It will also minify and compress your pages to serve them better to your users. After installing and activating go to each setting of this plugin and activate all the features like browser caching. Leverage browser caching etc. For CDN you will have to create an account on Cloudflare and then configure it with your plugin to enable it on your website.
After caching and compressing pages now there is most important factor which play important role. It is compressing images. Jpeg format is recommanded for everyone to use when uploading to your website but they still need some compresssions. Because images mostly takes time to load and serve your pages to your users.

After images reduce external links. For example if you have too many ads or scripts activated on your websites then it is most likely that your website will be serving slowly. Because a browser needs to check all the pages and then serve to users. So always try to decrease the external as much as you can. After checking website speed on speed checkers like google, they mostly mention to decrease external links.
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Good server hosts are an integral part of seo
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Pingdom is also a great tool to help see what is slowing the site down

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