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YT ranking factors 2015

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follow the process
1) create a neat and clean video,you can use watermarks
2) when you save video you may rename video as same as your video topic
3) A better optimized description is most important thing
4) find keyword by using display planner of google adwords
5) use SEO friendly title
7 )increase social engagement
8) wait 2/3 days to get ranked

NB:my english is so poor
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Don't worry bro your English is great. Yeah getting on #YouTube top search results is a dream of any online marketer doing #VideoMarketing. It's also great way to make more money if you are using #Adsense to earn money on YouTube.

I would also recommend you to input a min of 300 characters description rich in keywords. I have noticed that many high ranking videos contains a list of keywords at the end of the description you could also try that trick.

But most important thing is to get backlinks to video.
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Youtube top search results is important in many ways for video marketing.it will also help the AdSense to earn money on youtube

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