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black hat seo techniques...

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Black Hat is the process of using unethical, unapproved, or even illegal tactics to grow a site's traffic and rankings through search engine optimization. Over the long-term, black hat SEO practices can hurt a site's traffic and credibility, and even get you banned from search engines.

Some blackhat techniques:
1. Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing.
2. Hidden Text, and Hidden Links.
3. Cloaking.
4. Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages.
5. Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping.
6. Duplicate Content or Mirror Site.
7. Page redirection
7. Spam Blogs
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Black hat SEO Techniques are good to get quick result in short turm but it won't much effect for long turm, I personally think... Black hat SEO Techniques is totally useless.
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There are lot of Black Hat SEO Techniques -
1. Cloaking
2. Keyword Stuffing
3. Doorway Pages
4. Hidden Text
5. Article Spinning
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Black hat seo techniques.

Doorway pages
Keyword stuffing
Link Farming
Hidden links
Short URL
Spam Blog
Paid Links
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Black hat seo techniques

Doorway pages
Keyword Stuffing
Hidden links
Tiny URL
Duplicate Content
Unrelated Keywords
Gateway Pages
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Keyword stuffing
Tiny text, hidden text, hidden links
Duplicate Content
The above techniques are called black hat seo techniques.

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