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blogspot vs blogger?

00rencast Offline referral

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Just a change of name or title. No significant difference.
Erick_Lopez Offline referral

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It's the same.
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damponting44 Offline referral

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Blogger and Blogspot are really both claimed by Google yet they do two rather unique things. It's difficult to take a gander at Blogger versus Blogspot as they are distinctive administrations. ... You can utilize Blogger to make posts and put them online - this is basically what Blogger is - a direct blogging stage.
Gaurav Agarwal Offline referral

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Blogspot or Blogger, both are known to be the same. The only difference is its name. They are both the brand of Google and one can easily use them for posting there blogs on.
sandychee Offline referral

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blogger is referred to a person and Blogspot is part of Google web 2.0.
Agatha Clement Offline referral

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Both are the same. No difference.

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