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broken links

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SnehalVyas Offline referral

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Are broken links bad for seo?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Here is an example!

If you have a really juicy link that sends a ton of SEO improving and rank boosting juice to your website would you ever want to loose it I bet the answer is absolutely NOPE!

Broken links specially dofollow and relevant ones are bad case they decrease rankings.
johnnguyen Offline referral

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have the link was broken and it may still affect SEO, you can place the new article in the link to take advantage of the power of that link
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Broken links are also considered as dead Link. And these are harmful for your page ranking. These links put bad impression on google crawlers. Dead link is those links which are no longer working for your website. So, you need to remove or repair those links
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yes, you must remove broken links because it will create 404 page that's not good for seo.
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Yes! This can drastically affect the way search engine crawl your site. Scan you website and recreate this links or demote them, so search engine bots will not attempt to crawl the pages. You can also be penalized as I’ve seen with a couple of clients who have been running old sites without fully analyzing their links for updates.
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The broken links is not good for SEO. I result on decreasing your site backlinks, your site may be decreased its rank. Because of that, you must build your links strong and stable. That means you must create high quality links on popular sites.
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I think broken links are not good for page rank of any website.
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According to google webmaster, guidelines broken links make a negative impact on a website, When visitors found out that you have broken links, they wouldn’t want to continue to explore the other pages and left the website which increases the bounce rate which not good!
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If you have a really luscious weblink that delivers a ton of SEO enhancing and position enhancing juice aimed at your website would you ever want to reduce it I bet the response is completely.

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