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broken links

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how to find broken links?
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Hello my friend, I'm here. Now i share you how you find out broken link your website.

Check my process:

#Install Chrome Browser
# Install "Check my link" Extension on your chrome browser
#Open your website
#Click the extension

Now the extension will find out and show you the broken link of the page.

If need more info just knock me, I will help you.
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Remember that redirecting and fixing broken links is an ongoing process. For the average website, once per month is an appropriate cycle. Another free tool we recommend is Xenu Link Sleuth. After you've installed the Xenu software and opened the tool, go to File – Check URL, and enter your website's domain
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There are some tools to check broken links such as
1) Xenu’s Link Sleuth (Windows Only)
2) Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Windows & Mac)
3) Google Webmaster Tools
4) W3C Link Checker
5) LinkChecker
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Broken links are damage links. Means Google search engine stop crawling, damaging your rankings by preventing Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. from indexing the page.
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I use Xenu which is awesome for finding broken links.
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I prefer LinkMiner chrome extension for finding the broken link on a website.
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Broken links in an website are the bugs, if the web page is not existing. Search engine finds such links are not good quality website. It's very important to fix at the earliest.

Normally we use - brokenlinkcheck or supagrowth for broken links
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Nice post, thanks for sharing.
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Authenticating your website with Google Webmaster Tools is the best way to understand how your site is perceived by Google.
When Google encounters broken links on your site, aka crawl errors, you’ll be notified through the Webmaster Tools dashboard.
Google made a number of improvements to their Webmaster Tools last year to make error messages more understandable.
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Google Webmaster Tools generally is used by every seo master and always gives warns you if you have 404 pages.
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You can use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider for free to check for broken links on your website.
The next steps are to find broken links are:
1) Crawl The Website
2) Click The ‘Response Codes’ tab & ‘Client Error (4XX)’ Filter To View Broken Links
3) View The Source Of The Broken Links By Clicking The ‘Inlinks’ Tab
4) Use The ‘Bulk Export > Response Codes > Client Error (4XX) Inlinks’ Export

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