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What are the Strategies to Creating a content marketing?
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Well the key to content marketing is to post that content on the website that is relevant to your and get some traffic and the goal is to get a backlink dofollow if possible to send SEO juices and traffic the the landing page!

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Its important to create a quality content, make sure to do more reading related top your content article first.
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A content marketing strategy works as your guiding light when it comes to the planning, production, promotion, and measurement of content. It provides additional content for social media marketing and contributes to SEO efforts generating natural inbound links and building up good content on your website that gets found in search engines.
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Your question is pretty general. There are many aspects on content marketing, but let's say you need one basic thing - relevant, informative and engaging content which you should create on regular basis. Once you have it you should optimize it for search engines (on page and off page SEO). There are many ways to advertise your content and one of the first things you should do is to create social media profile of your site on as many networks as you can. You should also submit your articles, boookmark your posts on sites like Delicious, SrumbleUpon, Reddit, guest blog, etc.
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While content marketing, content should be unique, updated and informative. Effectiveness of content marketing is directly proportional to quality of content.

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