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difference between crawling and indexing?

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difference between crawling and indexing?
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indexing is the process of adding webpages into Google search and Crawling is the process performed by search engine crawler, when searching for relevant websites on the index.
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When crawler scans the website, it is known as Crawling and the processed in also known as Indexing the site.
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crawler scans the new link and bunch of links crawl knowns as indexing
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Crawling means that Googlebot looks at all the content/code on the page and analyzes it. Indexing means that the page is eligible to show up in Google's search results.
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Crawler: when Google visits your website for tracking purposes. This process is done by Google’s Spider crawler.

Indexing: after crawling has been done, the results get put onto Google’s index
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Crawling is a process which is done by search engine bots to discover publicly available web pages.

Indexing means when search engines bots crawl the web pages and save a copy of all information on index servers and search engines show the relevant results on search engines when a user performs a search query.
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Crawling or spidering is a term used when Google, or another search engine, sends its bot to a web page or web post and "reads" the page. Don't let this be confused with having that page being indexed. Crawling is the first part of having a search engine recognize your page and show it in search results.

Having your page Indexed by Google is the next step after it gets crawled. By no means does every site that gets crawled get indexed, but every site indexed had to be crawled. If Google deems your new page worthy, it will index it. Upon your page getting indexed, Google then comes up with how your page should be found in their search. Google then decides what keywords and what ranking in each keyword search your page will land.

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