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duplicate content

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SerenMckay Offline referral

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Does duplicate content within a single page affect seo?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Duplicate content is bad no matter where it is.
daikaads Offline referral

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Duplicate content makes your ranking to go down even it is a single page. Copywriting the duplicate content won't affect the SEO so better do that.
Rackend Offline referral

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This is one of the primary rules in SEO - STAY AWAY from any kind of content duplication!
davidweb09 Offline referral

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Duplicate content always hurt SEO ranking after Google Panda update.
00rencast Offline referral

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I'm no expert. But as far as I know, if Google finds out about content duplication, your SEO ranking will suffer.
tech025 Offline referral

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Yes, Google hate duplicate content, its harmful to your sites, Because there are different algorithms runs by google to check quality of content.
Rakesh-Kadu Offline referral

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Yes Duplicate content affects SEO & it is termed as spam. This activity is treated against the Search engine guidelines & hence needs to be stop.
Trident Offline referral

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A single page duplicate content hurts your ranking status as the updated google algorithm penalize the spam content.

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