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free traffic?

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How to get free traffic?
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To get free traffic try:
Social Media marketing
Video Marketing
Article marketing

These are proven methods to get traffic to your website
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Getting free traffic is not so easy but you can make it easy using Social Media Marketing. Create a post on Facebook and share it on other Groups which more relevant to your topic. Similarly same process can be carried out on Twitter and Google plus.
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Free traffic, neither the easiest nor the fastest task. Well, the most common strategies involvebeing active on social (Facebook, twetter, ...). Taking part in forums is also a good start.
Finally, you can, if you have time to dedicate to your activity, you can ask people to subscribe to your site in exchange of some free valuable content.
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For free traffic you can do content marketing. The best way to get traffic & quality backlinks as well.
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You can get free trafic by social bookmarking and blog commenting.
reddit is best place.

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Basic would be through content writing, commenting, posting, or paid ad.
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good free trafic can be from good optimalization = to example images optimalization, set correct SEO names of images, titles (when you have eshop, products..)
or from SEO articles of interesting topics.
and even from Forums, related to your business
Love seo tips, books and parfems
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Quality content is the best option to get huge traffic of your Site and few off-page techniques are helps to increase traffic like Forum, Blog, Q/A, profile creation and many more.

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