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free web hosting security?

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My site is hosted on a free web hosting right I wanna know how secure those servers are and is my website database secure against hacker?
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Hi there, this depends on that hosting company godaddy is the best one and they are secure as well.
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Free hosting is less secure with the comparison of paid hosting services.
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We provide prompt & quality web hosting support services for hosting companies by experienced NOC Engineers. I personally feel that paid hosting will be far better than free ones.
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I wouldn't ever recommend using free web hosting! If you really that cheap then go for Google Blogger where you can at least make money from your content with Adsense or other ad network.

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I don't normally recommend people to use such free services. Think of it like this, the company needs to pay their electricity bills, employee salaries etc. Stay away from such free hosting companies.
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Only basic security provided by free hosting provider because they can't afford higher security
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the directory does not give the right to edit the file inside the folder is to be

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