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What is currently the best software for getting and generating traffic to a blog or a website?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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These kind of software are useless since the only traffic you'll get are crawlers and bots from pinging URL services. You need real traffic with high conversion rate!
surenot Offline referral

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As I mentioned in this reply here: http://letsforum.com/Thread-What-is-the-...9#pid11679

These types of traffic generating software are creating fake traffic it's not real. What is the point of getting a ton of traffic if the conversion rate is 0% and you make no sales. Stop waiting money and your time and use Adwords or some other PPC network to get real traffic.
pcoptimizer Offline referral

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I don't hear about these kind of any software that generate traffic on the website or blog....
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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Based on my experience, today SEO is getting harder. Manual submission can be a good choice although it takes time.
TrishaM Offline referral

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The best software would be connecting or buying traffic from a DSP like Bluagile.
salenaadam Offline referral

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It will get you the hits you want, this time powered by a minor traffic exchange. The software itself looks hilariously like a poorly designed
paisakpaisa Offline referral

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real traffic is important
theindianajones165 Offline referral

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Always work for real traffic, automated software are waste of time and invite Google to penalize the site.
zerofire2905 Offline referral

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It's no use even when you get fake traffic. Think of a long term and sustainable plan. You need a good base of traffic that can convert into sales.
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I use Jingling for traffic. But it is bot traffic not real humans

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