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google ads vs facebook ads

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Google AdWords is great for putting the product or service.
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Both are good but Facebook may get more traffic.
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Both are actually good for ads. But they have the different purpose and results. For Google ads, you'll need to pay higher compare to Facebook but Google ads is like audience already have the idea and higher intention to purchase your products or services, research shows that people tend to Google when they are looking for something else.

While Facebook you can adjust your ads to $1 per day which is very low compare to Google ads but the different here is that Facebook is like you're selling your product or services in the market. Imagine that, you're standing in the open space or in a public square to sell, it is harder. But Facebook have the most traffic among all social media and you able to set your target audience, location and audience interest, so it help you to focus on audience that you prefer.

I would say both have their own purpose and use there where you don't want to neglect any of it. You got to allocate the correct budget in each to maximize the value that you've spend. Spend lower budget on Facebook to test your target audience market at the beginning, once the target audience is confirm and you get the analytics, only to put it in higher budget to get better results.
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Both are good but I can say google ads are the best because it leads to only targeted and genuine traffic and people.
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At any cost, Google Ads are more responsive to them the facebook or any type of Social Media.
If you really wish to invest then you may better invest in google ads.

Calvin K
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facebook ads and google ads are good. you can earn money from them

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