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google ads vs facebook ads

john-mth Offline referral

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Which is good place for ads, google ads vs facebook ads?
soothingbox Offline referral

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I think both are good. but i prefer facebook ads for my online products.
cholekyt Offline referral

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I recommend that SME’s invest the time and effort into Facebook, and consistently post and share content to develop their brand and online presence.
thaoduocanbinh Offline referral

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Both adwords adwords and facebook ads are good. Combine it to target different target customers.

- Google adsword: Towards the customer needs are buying products
- Facebook ads: Aimed at introducing products to customers who may be in demand.

This is my opinion.
Keith Sison Offline referral

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Hello, I think that both are better for an increase online marketing. Facebook Ads are great for building brand awareness. Google AdWords is great for putting the product or service.

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