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google my business and SEO?

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Does heaving a page in google my business improves somehow seo ( search engine optimization)?
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I would say definitely yes. Google likes to see backlinks and there is no better backlink than the one coming from Google!
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ya... advange is your page get easily crawled.. and if u bookmark google profiel u will a good backlinks
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I think called “Google My Business” Google has made it easy to get your feet wet , Google is also used this as a big create Google+ (Google like of a Facebook page).Its a major website to alover information to get it . Search engine optimization can be tricky. Not only do you have to do all the customary SEO stuff, but also you have to do a new layer of complex SEO activities. like Accuracy and consistency in online listings,All the other valuable information in directory listings, Begging for reviews.
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It is a good sign for the optimization of your website among main search engines.
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Have good and high PR backlinks google like these qualities of sites.
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Do not focus only about old school classic SEO which was collecting backlinks. Do some research and invest your time to get content marketing to your website.
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To be maintain your position in Google, you must create high quality content.
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Yes, certainly google business page certainly improves search engine ranking. It's generally helps in google local display, You can get high traffic through posting in google communities
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Yes, this is helpful in ranking purpose along with this also helpful in increasing traffic.
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Google My Business includes business information and address details, map. This will help audience to find out our business easily.
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If you have a company, i really recommend you to sign up to My Business, it will increase your brand image too.
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Google Business Page is an added advantage because it increases the local business with local SEO. And creating business page in Google shows more authentic and hence it increases the ranking in Google.

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