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How to use google sitelink??
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Google sitelinks are generated automatically by Google depend on quality of links & content.
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Google site links are generated by Google based on your most visiting page Google may give this, previously there was an option to remove and adjust Google site links, Nowadays we can't do anything for site links.
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When searched from brand the Google sitelinks appear. These google sitelinks are the sub-listings that are displayed under the first result in the search result page.
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User search the search query is search engine. The search query related webpages visible on SERP.
The tiny subheading Web Pages are visible to below website main URL. These link are called site links. The subheading web pages are very impotent web pages to our site. The site links does not create user automatically create google by using some algorithms. But site links deleted manually.
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Site links are generated by the search engines on how they understand within the structures of the website and featured as an attribute to the main site.
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Sitemap tell to google about website design and structure
Then Google can does index the website
with the help of Sitemaps
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sitelinks are generated automatically by Google depend on quality of links & content.
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Sitelinks are hyperlinks to website subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. The site owner cannot add any sitelinks; Google adds them through its own secret automated algorithms.If you have a Google Adwords program you can create campaigns and ad group level sitelinks.
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Sitelinks can improve the appearance of your snippet in Google search results and this means higher Click Through Rates (CTR) and more traffic.

Although you cannot directly specify sitelinks (they are automated by the Google algorithm), there are a number of ways to help Google pick the right sitelinks for your website.

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