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how to create array and how to echo array?

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I wanna learn how to create array and then how to echo array?
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In PHP, the array() function is used to create an array:
In PHP, there are three types of arrays:

1. Indexed arrays - Arrays with a numeric index.
2. Associative arrays - Arrays with named keys
3. Multidimensional arrays - Arrays containing one or more arrays.
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This is such an informative post. You have a lot of categorically great points. I wish I had this post as a means when I in full swing forum posting..
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You can use PHP #Explode function to covert list into an #array:
PHP Code:
$array "1
$my_array explode("\n"$array); 

Now you have your values stored in this array: $my_array

To echo array you can use either #printr or #foreach

PHP Code:
foreach($my_array as $vall)

You can also use #implode to echo array and comma separate results like so:

PHP Code:
implode(', '$my_array

Keep in mind that for Multidimensional Array implode won't work you need to use foreach.

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