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how to do mobile marketing

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how to do mobile marketing succesfully
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Well mobile marketing simply means that you have some sort of product or a service related to mobile phone, tablet or smartphone like video games and apps that you want to market!

For that I believe any type of online advertising would do juts fine! You have to invest more in the marketing how much well it depends on what results are you looking to get!
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Mcommerce platform have truly mobile ready stores optimized for all types of mobile devices as well as conventional desktops, now a days it is most important and easy to use.
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Why don't you study/spy on your competitors and learn about their listings! Get the idea about keywords they are using in their APP ad title and description then use some "backlinks checker" to see how many backlinks they generated to that APP listing.

Google for the APP name to see the websites that are talking about it and linking back then try to get your APP on them.

I mean try to duplicate their marketing efforts!

"APP marketing" is not all about "APP store" it's more about getting more exposure!
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you need to be there to meet mobile users, understand mobile marketing and know how to connect with customers on mobile.
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you need to be there to meet mobile users, understand mobile marketing and know how to connect with customers on mobile.
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Mobile Promotion is a way of providing your marketing concept to a probability or existing customer via their mobile. No matter the device, Mobile Marketing is an very effective and fun way to reach customers. When people hear to the term Mobile Promotion, they instantly think of Mobile text marketing.
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1. SEO matters
SEO is critical to any company’s marketing work. Consumers increasingly turn to Google and other search engines when looking for a specific product or service, and the higher your company’s search rankings, the more potential clients you will attract.

2. Develop your database
One popular strategy for mobile marketing tactics is messaging. Your business can send messages directly to consumers to offer them coupons, discounts and other valuable information or rewards.
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For mobile marketing you need to have a website which is mobile-friendly. By "mobile-friendly" I mean that the website should open on mobile devices without compromising any of the original detail. This is the first step you need to focus on.
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Try reading this content, it will surely help since the steps are stated there. http://www.convinceandconvert.com/mobile...-campaign/
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I haven't done mobile marketing yet. Is this truly effective? And how are you gonna get analytics? This sparks too many question for me.
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AdWords promoters can just take the Google look advertisements they as of now utilize, and afterward set offers to change for cell phones. To build offers for cell phones, clients can set a positive offer alteration, for example, +20%, and the other way around – an offer modification of - 10% decreases the offer by 10% for cell phones.
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one wap click )) OCS the best
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Mobile marketing is challenging because the competition is high. However if plan and strategies are well executed then there is a sure return of investment or conversion goals.
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A mobile marketing strategy takes advantage of the unique opportunities mobile has to offer — the channels it provides, as well as the in-the-moment, hyper-personalized experiences and interactions it enables.

Three fundamentals for building strong mobile marketing strategies are:
1) understanding your audience,
2) defining the business objectives you're trying to achieve, and
3) choosing the best mobile marketing channels to reach your audience.

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